About us


You know when you think about bikes all the time. When you wake up in the morning thinking what day it is and anticipating the moment you can start getting ready for a bike ride.  When you fall asleep think about the trails you have been on and the trails that are still unknown to you, but you know they might be in that fantastic location. When you admire the photos you see on the Internet of people who have a bike in the room they sleep in. You know that feeling?

There came a moment when we didn’t think about anything else but bikes and cycling. It became too strong and too intense. Years went by and we were still dreaming and imaginingthe moment someone asks youWhat do you do for a living? And you respond with „It’s complicated. I enable people to fill their lives with cycling.“ Yes, we do that from the heart and we do this for a living. Our parents still think this is just a phase and a career break.



When you go somewhere, you are a tourist. We are tourists as well. Tourism and travels are your free time and if you have decided to spend it on a bike, you don’t want a partial solution. You want the best trails, the best service, the best places for cycling, exactly as you prefer and according to your abilities. You want to experience local people, local customs, local cuisine and local atmosphere. And you want someone who knows the destination well and who understands what it is that you want. A friend you haven’t met yet.


People race for different reasons. Races are great if they are well organized, if the trails are attractive, if the security is top-notch. There are a lot of people just like you in these races, a lot of potential new friends. The races are fair-play. Like, when you get a flat tire and you go berserk because that girl will pass you, the one you have been keeping at a safe distance the last half an hour. But, she stops as well, as her race without you doesn’t mean a thing. We organize races where everything works. We are focused on your experience because you pay for it, and we make a living out of it. And round and round we go.

Destination management

This is a logical next step.  We know the destinations, we know the needs, wishes and the motivation of a cyclist. We are experts in marketing and tourism. Owners of hotels, tourist boards and local governments understand that cyclists enjoy new destinations and admire the scenery in which they work and live. We are here to present the destination to cyclists, and to bring the cyclists to the destination. 

Hrvoje Šepić – founder and coowner, a man who plays the rhythm section in the company – marketing and finances. He learned to ride a bike when he was 3 years old and when he realized the training wheels weren’t that helpful after all. His probably worst fall off a bike was the same night he got a then-popular BMX whose front brake wasn’t adjusted so he flew over the handlebars to the immense joy of all other kids in the neighborhood.  He rides almost all types of bikes except city bikes, which is waiting for the right time. He is fun after work, which actually never finishes for him as he does what he likes so he never knows if he’s working or not. He dreams about new places to ride to, he likes cars that can transfer a lot of bikes and people and he is all about finding and enjoying the balance on two wheels.