Backroad Cycling Tour Split to Dubrovnik

01.09.2018. - 08.09.2018.

Split - Dubrovnik

It’s always best at the end of season.

Beginning of September. Such a great timing to meet Croatian coast. Crowd is gone. Rush is gone. Heat is gone. But, beauties are still here, sea is also warm enough for a quality swim and locals are relaxed because from their perspective one more working summer is ending soon.

And is there a better way to do it than biking!?

Not according to us.

Unlike any other tourist, bikers have a chance to experience destination in their own style with kilometres gently sliding under their wheels. Bikes can take you places no ordinary tourists go to. Bikes make sure you’re gonna have an active holiday. Bikes provide adventure.

This is a philosophy we want to share with this event. To get you off the main course and take you backroads.

There is always the main road of course, the one everybody use. But you’re on a holidays right? So we thought you might be interested in doing something different. Like a Backroad Split to Dubrovnik.

From Split to Dubrovnik in seven days with as many top destinations on your way – Trogir, Omiš, Makarska, Brač, Korčula, Pelješac – means you’re gonna use the roads less traveled. We have explored the whole area and found the roads with minimum traffic where possible. A little bit along the coast, a little bit across the islands. Through the river canyon, through the olive groves, through the villages and towns with history written in their streets.

This is a trip of silence and solitude. Only the sound of tyres rubbing the asphalt. However, at some places it was not possible to find roads like that, so there are minimum exceptions, but only in order to accomplish your full experience.


Backroad Split to Dubrovnik is an all around tour. There is so much to be discovered in the area between Split and Dubrovnik and you are going to see it all. The islands, the coast, the mountain. The river canyon, the greatest Croatian wine region and historical cities telling stories of pirates and battle sieges. Blended with flavours and aromas of deep Mediterranean, hidden lagunas and beaches, the views, the sun… And most of all – the people – warm hearted people still living in some past times when life seemed to pass by much slower than these days.


All roads are fully paved and only partially you will come across short gravel sections which aren’t technically demanding. We chose the roads with less traffic to drive without having to worry about cars. The only exception is the last day from Ston to Dubrovnik where the route passes by the only existing road which is also the main local road, so be cautious.

  • 6 days of cycling
  • 30 – 50 km per day
  • 500 – 900 m climbing per day
Day 1: September 1st – Meet Trogir

Let’s start in Trogir – the best preserved Romanesque-Gothic city in Central Europe. Fact that it’s situated 10 minutes driving from Split airport gives us a good chance to make Trogir your first overnight point on this trip. Take a free afternoon and enjoy the city in evening. Trogir definitely stands out for its beauty, but really is a typical Dalmatian city. So its charming architecture and flavours spreading around every corner will serve good as an introduction to Dalmatia in its finest.

Day 2: September 2nd – Omiš to Makarska through the Canyon of Cetina River

Ride starts in Omiš – the city of pirates. Your Adriatic cycling holiday begins in hinterland. It might seem strange, but makes sense when you think about it. Before you sail off to islands, you get to know how it looks on the inside. Many rivers transect the coast of Adriatic. And they all make beautiful canyons. Cetina canyon is famous as an outdoor destination, so this is right place for you to start.

And just when you think we got it all mixed up, the road kicks you back to the coast for a gentle ride besides the sea all the way to Makarska, another jewel of Meditarranean architecture developed on the slopes of Biokovo Mountain. This where you’re going to spend second night.

Day 3: September 3rd – Island of Brač & Split City

Off to island! Ferry will take you from the city of pirates to the island of Brač, known to be the highest of all Adriatic islands. Isle roads were never meant for large traffic, so it’s perfectly suited for cycling. Route takes you through picturesque towns and villages where where past is present and life finds its ways to slow down. Later in the afternoon, another ferry, this one takes you to Split, city everyone wants to visit lately. So will you because Split is your overnight point 3.

Day 4: September 4th – Island of Korčula part 1

Another day, another island – Korčula. And another ferry in the morning. Korčula is much further from Split so ferry ride takes longer then on previous day. But, it’s a lovely ride, you’ll love it, it takes you by most of the islands in Split archipelago – Šolta, Brač, Hvar… As a matter of fact this is your rest day. After a ferry ride it’s only twenty-somethin’ kilometres to ride, quite satisfying ride though, to reach your hotel in Brna. This is completely different story from Split, Makarska and Trogir. Brna is not glamourous, it is peace & quiet, it is lying in the sun and swiming.

Day 5: September 5th – Island of Korčula part 2

If you liked first half of the Korčula route, you will sure enjoy  the other half taking you from one coast to another, from one side of island to another, over hinterland in between, ending in glorious city of Korčula from where Marco Polo sailed off to meet the world.

Day 6: September 6th – Pelješac Peninsula

Probably the most demanding cycling day on your trip – climbing from Orebić toward the inland and then descent back to the sea, passing through the most famous Croatian vine region, the Dingač area. The route then again takes you inland and ends in Ston, historically speaking a crucial town with the longest defense wall in Croatia. Ston is also known for great oyster restaurants, so don’t think twice what you’ll have for dinner.

Day 7: September 7th – Ston to Dubrovnik

During the season there is too much traffic on that road, but off the season it’s really nice to ride the bikes there with a constant panorama over the islands of Elafiti in the distance. The route ends in Dubrovnik, the most popular tourist destination in Croatia. What is there to say about Dubrovnik that you don’t know already? Well, we don’t want to spoil the moment. Perhaps you should experience Dubrovnik all on your own.

Day 8: September 8th – Depart Dubrovnik

Breakfast in Dubrovnik and off to the airport


SUPPORTED TOUR: Experience great trails while we do all of the organising and logistics for you.

You’ll be provided with comprehensive trail maps, advices, transport, luggage transfers and a full itinerary. There will always be someone on the end of the phone in case of emergencies too.


In price is included:

  • 7 nights B&B, 2 people in room
  • snack during ride
  • 6 days cycling
  • GPS files of the whole route
  • maps with trails
  • support vehicle  24/7
  • Adria Bike staff host during the whole trip
  • ferry tickets for all transfers
  • All luggage transfers
  • Restaurant bookings

Not in the price:

  • dinners – 25 EUR / dinner
  • bike rent – 120 EUR
  • e-bike rent – 180 EUR

Trogir – 4 Stars


Makarska – 4,5 stars


Split – 3 stars


Brna (Island of Korčula) – 4,5 stars


Korčula – 3 stars


Ston – 4 stars


Dubrovnik – 4 stars






Take the roads less traveled

It's always best at the end of season.