16.06.2018. - 13.10.2018.

Plitvice, Fužine, Island of Krk

Life is beautiful. It’s really worth living it. Even more so when you know the race is coming.
Or a series! ‘Cause we only have one life to live and there are three races to ride.

The sport we all love so much doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Your achievements will never be a part of the crucial sport statistics, no one will ever recognise you walking down the street. But, don’t let it stop you! Keep on racing, competing, keep on playing the game. Keep on pushing whatever challenges you the most, keep on building the myths no one will ever talk about, only the same MTB freaks as yourself.

Perfect place to build those myths is Husqvarna Adria Bike Series – series of professional races for amateurs.

Professional? Yes. That’s the way we feel about you.
Amateurs? Yes. All are welcome to participate… even the professionals.

All three races of Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2018 – Adria Bike Plitvice Marathon, Fužine 2 Sea and Krk ‘n’ Roll – will take you MTB places that are just too good to be true, good enough to make your monday-in-the-office as well as the rest of your so-called-life seem like a generally bad idea. Think about it for a while – Plitvice, Gorski kotar, the island of Krk – how could it get any better than that!? These are the trails you wish you could come back to as soon as next weekend, and you could of course, but without the race it’s just not the same. There is no crowd, no thrill, no time limit. There are no stories to listen to, no small talk to chat and no myths that take your breath away.

That’s why we love races so much. When racing you’re always better than you really are.

Each race offers three routes at least, different in length, climbing and scoring. Decision on which trail to race at is to be made during the race, while riding. That way you are free to estimate your power at the face of the place and change your winning strategy. You can raise the bar or lower it down.

For example: you came to race at Easy, but you just felt epic that day. Why not? Continue riding for an Epic and make an achievement of a lifetime! Or you came here for Epic, but you felt weak. No problem. Turn to Classic, you can still make it for a good rank.

So, the game is set with all the rules, scoring, judges, measurers and prizes. Anyone can win. Don’t be the guy who listens to others telling stories, be a part of the story, play the game!

Ride the series!
Ride Husqvarna Adria Bike Series!


Date: June 16, 2018

Routes and scoring:

  • Epic (68 km  / 1.350 m) – 10.000 points
  • Classic (49 km / 950 m) –  9.000 points
  • Easy (35 km / 500 m) –  8.000 points


Date: August 25, 2018

Routes and scoring:

  • F2S 80 (82 km / 2.200 m)   – 11.000 points
  • F2S 50 ( 56 km / 1.200 m)   –  9.000 points
  • F2S 30 (33 km / 600 m)       –  8.000 points


Date: October 13, 2018

Routes and scoring:

  • It’s a Long Way To the Top (77 km / 1.400 m)   – 10.000 points
  • Highway to Hell (47 km / 1.000 m)   –  9.000 points
  • Can’t Stop (27 km / 500 m)     –  8.000 points

The scoring system for the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series is designed so that as many competitors win points in the race, no matter which route or category they are competing in.

Each route has a predetermined number of maximum points that can be won. For the season 2018 scores are distributed equally for all races and all routes. Here is a maximum number of points one can win per race regarding the chosen route:

ABM PLITVICE (June 6, 2018)

  • Epic (68 km  / 1.350 m)   – 10.000 points
  • Classic (49 km / 950 m)    –  9.000 points
  • Easy (35 km / 500 m)        –  8.000 points

FUŽINE 2 SEA (August 25, 2018)

  • F2S 80 (82 km / 2.200 m)  – 11.000 points
  • F2S 50 (56 km / 1.200 m)   –  9.000 points
  • F2S 30 (33 km / 600 m)      –  8.000 points

KRK’N’ROLL (October 10, 2018)

  • It’s a Long Way To the Top (77 km / 1.400 m) – 10.000 points
  • Highway To Hell (47 km / 1.000 m) – 9.000 points
  • Can’t Stop (27 km / 500 m) – 8.000 points

The winner of each race line wins the maximum number of points for that route. Winner’s overall time is then converted in seconds, seconds into percentage. Winner’s overall time expressed in seconds is then 100%. Every racer that finishes after winner, wins the number of points equal to the number of seconds he/her is late for the winner when converted into percentage.


The overall time of the Epic winner is 2:43:30. It is 9.810 seconds that are then being expressed as 100% of total time and the winner wins 10.000 points. Every other racer is late for the winner and divergence in their times is being converted into percentage first and then into points. If your time was 2.47:57 it took you 77 seconds longer then the winner which is 2,72% points that are to be subducted from a total number of points which is 10.000. So, you win 9.728 points.

After each race the points are being summed up automatically. There are no negative points even if your time is more then 100% weaker than the winner’s. Total winner of Series is the one who wins the most points after all races. There is a winner in each category – MEN, MASTER, GRAND MASTER & WOMEN.