18.04.2020. - 17.10.2020.

Vodice, Rabac, Rab, Baška


Another year in a row. The new (old) Husqvarna Adria Bike Series! For professionals. For amateurs. For the old. For the young.

For you.

The new Series brings new challenges. You told us what you would like and what you wouldn’t in the new season, so the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2020 comes with a bunch of innovations.

One new race, one trail for those who think they can do more, a little change in the dates, some new details in the organisation itself, but it’s still the same old Series we know and love. Like a good friend you only see 4 times a year because you are too busy. But when you do find time, it is always fun. You are sorry that you can’t hang out more often, but you understand. And you are already looking forward to your next meeting.

18.04. Dalmatiner

We are opening the new biking season in Vodice. Where else than in the place where cycling is at home?! Earlier than last year because we are simply impatient. The rocks, the sun, the sea, some more rocks and some more sea. Because where is it better to be in April than in Dalmatia? Pure joy.

30.05. Helter Skelter

Rabac as an MTB destination doesn’t need any introduction. Steep climbs and even steeper descents, countless singles, incredible views. And so much of it. Another novelty this year is an additional 4th trail on Helter Skelter. The ruthless, the cruel 100 km trail. The brutal 100km trail. For those who think the Epic is too easy, for those who are ULTRA.

12.09. Rab Island Hero

Rab Island Hero is our new player in the lineup. Ready to prove its worth. In front of the coach and in front of the fans. A real adventure awaits us on Rab. Through desert and rainforest, through sandy beaches and medieval walls. A trip around the world in 60 km. Because riding on Rab is a unique experience and that’s a fact, not just a promise.

17.10. Krk’n’Roll

We close the cycling season in a well-known location and with well-known company. We are already used to it. Tourists cleared the roads for us. Krk is only ours, and we are ready to say goodbye to the summer together with other nature lovers who take part in the Baška Outdoor Festival. The sun, the sea, the sweat, the rock, the food, the drinks, the concerts, the fun. Krk’n’Roll.

The countdown starts

10,9,8,7 … All around you are people you were drinking coffee with 5 minutes ago and talking about a super trail you discovered last week. Now they are no longer friends but competition. Just as focused on the race as you are. Adjusting their helmets. Thinking about God knows what.

6,5,4… A desire, a will, a power that you were not even aware of starts bursting out of you. You look ahead, ready to hear the sound of the trumpet. Pumped up.

3,2,1… START!

Another Husqvarna Adria Bike Series begins.

See you at the finish line!

More about the races of the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2020 here: 







Vodice / Dalmatia / Croatia

Rabac / Istria / Croatia

Rab / Rab island / Croatia

Baška / Krk island / Croatia







Men: 16* – 39 years old (born between 01.01.1981. – 18.04.2004.)

Men Masters: 40 – 49 years old (born between 01.01.1971.- 31.12.1980.)

Men Grand Masters: older than 50 (born before 31.12.1970.)

Women: born before 18. .04.2004.*

E- bike: born before 18.04.2004.*

*Competitors under the age of 18 may only choose the EASY or CLASSIC trail, they need to be accompanied by a parent or a legally responsible person, and have a written consent of the parent or a legally responsible person when picking up the starting number.


The day before the race:  from 18:00 until 22:00 for all categories and trails.

The day of the race:  from 07:00 until 08:30 for all categories and trails.

The scoring system for the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2020 was designed to give more competitors a chance to score points, no matter which trail they chose or which category they compete in.

Each trail on each of the races has a predetermined number of maximum points that can be scored.

The winner on each of the trails gets the total maximum number of points for the trail they completed.

The winner’s time is converted into seconds, which is 100% of the points that can be achieved on that particular trail. The times of all other participants are also converted into seconds and are put in proportion to the time of the winner.

The number of points each contestant receives is equal to the percentage each competitor is lagging behind the winner, ie the contestant will get fewer points the more he is behind the winner.

Points are added automatically after each race. Competitors whose time is over 100% worse than the winner’s will not get negative points.

The total score is the sum of the 3 best results, ie 3 races where the competitor scored the most points. So if you miss one of the 4 races or you perform weaker at one of them, you still have the chance to achieve a high ranking in 3 races and become the winner of the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2020.

The overall winner of the Series is the competitor who scores the most points in 3 races throughout the entire Series.

The overall winners are nominated in the categories MEN, MASTER, GRAND MASTER & WOMEN.

The maximum number of points per race and track are as follows:

Dalmatiner 2020. MTB Marathon
EPIC – 12.000 points
CLASSIC –  10.000 points
EASY –  8.000 points

Helter Skelter 2020. MTB Marathon

ULTRA – 14.000 points
EPIC – 12.000 points
CLASSIC –  10.000 points
EASY –  8.000 points

Rab Island Hero 2020. MTB Marathon:

EPIC – 12.000 points
CLASSIC – 10.000 points
EASY – 8.000 points

Krk ’n’ Roll 2020. MTB Marathon:

EPIC – 12.000 points
CLASSIC – 10.000 points
EASY – 8.000 points

The winners of the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series will share the largest prize pool for a recreational cycling race in Croatia of 81,000 HRK (10,800 EUR)

Cash prizes will be awarded in all four categories (Men, Women, Masters and Grandmasters). The first, second and third place prizes will be paid in cash, while the winners of the fourth and fifth place will be awarded an Adria Bike voucher.

Winners of the 2020 Series in the categories Men, Women and Master will return home with 10,000 HRK each, while the best in the Grand Master category will be awarded 7,000 HRK.

Scoring is calculated in such a way that for the total result the scores of the 3 best races are summed up, that is, 3 races where the competitor has won the most points. Therefore, if you miss or don’t do well in one of the races, you still have the chance to become the winner of the Husqvarna Adria Bike 2020.

The first three places in each category in all of the individual races of the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2020. will recieve a medal and a bottle celebratory champagne.

Prizes for the first 3 places in all categories are paid in cash. Prizes for 4th and 5th place are paid in value vouchers that can be used to purchase tickets for all events organized by Adria Bike until December 31st 2021.


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