16.10.2021. - 16.10.2021.

Baška, Krk Island


Krk ’n’ Roll is a classic.
The fifth edition, which couldn’t be stopped even by the devilish coronavirus last year. Not to mention rain and cold.

Krk ’n’ Roll is a classic.
More than 1.600 competitors have participated in this race in the past 4 years. A race in October, when the air at the sea coast and islands is still warm and the mild late summer sun still hasn’t said its last word.

Krk ’n’ Roll is a classic.
Because Baška and the Krk island for years have been a cycling destination that lasts all year round. An endless network of trails, roads and paths in all possible forms, enjoyed by cyclists from all meridians and parallels.

Krk ’n’ Roll is a classic.
Because on that same day, on Saturday 16.10.2021., at the same place – in Baška, in addition to the Krk ‘n’ Roll race, you can enjoy Baška Outdoor Festival which was attended by more than 2.500 competitors and guests in the last pre-COVID year. In this way outdoor sports and outdoor lifestyle enthusiasts have their day. And in the evening, with an always rich entertainment programme where the brakes finally really give way, the party doesn’t end until the early morning hours.

Krk ’n’ Roll is a classic.
Because the trails offered by Krk provide an attraction for those who drive very well, as well as for those who think they drive very well. And for those who would like to drive very well, but perhaps it isn’t so important to them. Only the best trails can be enjoyed by the first, the second and the third of them.

Only the best becomes a classic.

And Krk ’n’ Roll is a classic.


*Adria Bike has been setting standards in the organization of the races, attractiveness & safety of competitors and participants for years. Having in mind the coronavirus pandemic, Adria Bike has implemented the high epidemiological standards that can be found in the COVID-19 protocol, which will be adapted to the current epidemiological situation on the day of the race.


Baška / Krk Island / Croatia




Men: 16* – 39 years old (born between 01.01.1982. – 16.10.2005.)

Men Masters: 40 – 49 years old (born between 01.01.1972.- 31.12.1981.)

Men Grand Masters: older than 50 (born before 31.12.1971.)

Women: born before 16.10.2005.*

E-bike: born before 16.10.2005.*

*Competitors under the age of 18 may only choose the shortest trail, they need to be accompanied by a parent or a legally responsible person, and have a written consent of the parent or a legally responsible person when picking up the starting number.



Krk ’n’ Roll is a classic!