11.04.2018. - 14.04.2018.

Baška, island Krk

It has already been three years. Three years of enjoyment, three years of experience – “fighting” with sun and hot temperatures or with a rain or strong Bora. But your impressions and happy faces are the engine that take us forward. So we’ll see each other for the forth time in April 2018.

We won’t say it’s a race for everyone…because – it isn’t!
But it is a race for MTB fans ready to experience a powerful mix of breathtaking trails, pains and pleasure, partners and rivals and the race where all those who reach the finish line are – winners!

We won’t say this is the toughest race ever…it’s probably not! But we know it’s not often that you experience such diversity of the terrain, sharp and steep climbs and and fast and technically demanding descents where only the bravest will let the brakes all the way.

We won’t say that this is the most beautiful race…beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. But it’s the race along single trails on the coastline with steep climbs to the mountain tops awarding bikers with magnificent views of unspoiled nature and villages over thousand years old….Oh yes…we definitely can say this race is one of the most beautiful in the world!

4 days. 4 stages. 4 islands.

Mitas 4 Islands is a team MTB stage race with 4 stages. Each team consists of 2 riders. In 4 days of the race participants will make around 270 km and climb up 5 000 meters. Also, they will pass through the most beautiful locations on the island Krk, island Rab, island Cres and island Lošinj. Participation is open to any person older than 18 years. No licence needed.


Croatia / Kvarner region / islands:

Island Krk, Island Rab, Island Cres, Island Lošinj


11.04.2018 – 14.04.2018.


Race is exclusively for teams which are made up of two participants:

  • Men (18 – 39 years)
  • Woman (from 18 years)
  • Masters (40 – 49 years)
  • Grand Masters (over 50 years)
  • Mix (woman + man, over 18 years)

UCI categories:

  • UCI ELITE MEN – men, over 18 years old with valid UCI licence
  • UCI ELITE WOMAN – woman, over 18 years old with valid UCI licence

Competitors who take part at the start of the 1st stage must be 18 years old.


The whole organisation and logistic infrastructure will be placed on three bases which are the starting points for all activities during the race:

Base 1 – island Krk, from 10.04.2018. – 12.04.2018.
Base 2 – island Rab, from 12.04.2018. – 13.04.2018.
Base 3 – island Lošinj, from 13.04.2018. – 14.04.2018.

Base services:

• registration
• info desk
• bike depot
• service area
• daily briefings
• results
• lost & found
• merchandising
• welcome drink & final ceremony


Mitas 4 Islands MTB stage race is unique also due to its “logistic” and daily transfers from an island to an island. To make you familiar with it, we here provide you with a short description of daily schedule.

BASE 1 – island Krk

Tuesday 10th April 2018
Registration period is lasting from 2 pm to 10 pm. Bike depot is opened from 2 pm to midnight. Briefing for participants for stage 1 is at 8 pm, welcome drink starts at 9 pm. Free parking lot for participant is ensured.

Wednesday 11th April 2018
Registration period is lasting from 7 am to 9 am. Bike depot is opened from 7 am. Start and finish are are at the same place, all side and supporting content (bike wash, bike depot, meal) as well. First stage winners announcement and briefing for the next day are also happening here in stationary base 1.

BASE 2 – island Rab

Thursday 12th April 2018
Participants and bikes will be transferred to the start of the stage 2 on island Rab which will become our stationary base 2 – daily meal, dinner and briefing for the next day will happen there. All services will also be available here.

BASE 3 – island Lošinj

Friday 13th April 2018
The whole set up, the race and all connected content will be moved from stationary base 2 on island Rab to stationary base 3 on island Lošinj. Start of the stage 3 is on island Cres, in port Merag, and the finish is in Osor, island Cres. That’s the only stage in entire race which is not circular (start and finish are not at the same spot). We will be having winner’s announcement and meal in Osor while briefing for the stage 4 will be held in stationary base 3 on island Lošinj.

Saturday 14th April 2018
Start of the stage 4 is in Mali Lošinj, only few kilometres distant from the stationary base 3. The finish line and the meal after the race will be in Mali Lošinj. Wrap up of the whole race and finishers party will be held in chosen hotel in Lošinj.


TUESDAY 10.04.2018. – island Krk
14:00 – 22:00 Registration
14:00 – 22:00 Bike depot
20:00 – 21:00 Briefing for Stage 1
21:00 – 23:00 Welcome drink for participants

WEDNESDAY 11.04.2018. – STAGE 1 / KRK
07:00 – 09:00 Registration
10:00 Start of Stage 1
17:30 Stage 1 Time Limit
20:00 Briefing for Stage 2

THURSDAY 12.04.2018. – STAGE 2 / RAB
07:30 Transfer to Stage 2 (only participants who payed Hotels or Boat package)
10:30 Start of Stage 2
17:30 Stage 2 Time Limit
21:00 Briefing for Stage 3

FRIDAY 13.04.2018. – STAGE 3 / CRES
07:45 Transfer to stage 3 (only participants who payed Hotels or Boat package)
10:30 Start of Stage 3
17:30 Stage 3 Time Limit
21:00 Briefing for Stage 4

SATURDAY 14.04.2018. – STAGE 4 / LOSINJ
11:00 Start of Stage 4
17:00 Stage 4 Time Limit
21:30 Award ceremony

SUNDAY 15.04.2018.
08:00 Transfer to Baska (island Krk) – (only participants who payed Hotels or Boat package).

Notice: Organiser may change the schedule without prior notice.


To Baška, island Krk (start of the stage 1):
•    Austria – Vienna 550 km, Salzburg 460 km
•    Bosnia – Sarajevo 600 km
•    Czech Republic – Prague 870 km, Brno 680 km
•    Italy – Milano 550 km, Trieste 140 km
•    Hungary – Budapest 540 km
•    Germany – Munich 580 km, Stuttgart 820 km
•    Slovakia – Bratislava 670 km
•    Slovenia – Ljubljana 180 km, Maribor 290 km
•    Serbia – Belgrade 590 km
•    Switzerland – Zurich 820 km

Zagreb (ZAG) 200 km
Ljubljana (LJU) 140 km
Pula (PUY) 173 km
Trieste (TRS) 150 km

If you need a transfer or rent-a-car from/to the nearest airport this service can be provided by our partner agency. Please send a request to


Stage 1 - Island Krk
WIslandednesday, 11.04.2018.
  • Baška
  • Baška
  • Lenght
  • 71 km
  • Climbing
  • 1750 m
Stage 2 - Island Rab
Thursday, 12.04.2018
  • START:
  • Lopar
  • Lopar
  • Lenght
  • 65 km
  • Climbing
  • 1620 m
Stage 3 - Island Cres
Friday, 13.04.2018.
  • START:
  • Merag
  • Osor
  • Lenght
  • 73 km
  • Climbing
  • 1650 m
Stage 4 - Island Losinj
Saturday, 14.04.2018.
  • START:
  • Mali Lošinj
  • Mali Lošinj
  • Lenght
  • 40 km
  • Climbing
  • 975 m

Curious to find out which options do we offer? Please find the details of 3 available options depending of your preferences for organising logistic and accommodations. You can choose to organize everything by yourself or you will let our partners to do this job for you so you can focus your mind only on racing.


RACE  + BOAT: 800 EUR (standard)  – 1.100 EUR (Deluxe)

For first 50 racers (or to 31.08.2017) there is EARLY BIRD discount of 50 EUR.

Price is per participant (1 rider). Mitas 4 Islands MTB stage race is team race, consists of 2 riders.


You like to organise everything on your own? Like to spend time searching the internet and have fun trying to find the most appropriate accommodation, to count the distance from an island to an island, to count how much time you need to get there? If so, this is the option for you as with Race only package you will buy starting fee and the right to start the race.

If you choose RACE ONLY option, we suggest to organize a support who will take care of your logistics and transfers of you, your bikes and your luggage from stage to stage (from island to island). This option is possible due to good ferry connection between islands so it is on you and your supporter to organize the whole logistic, buy ferry tickets etc.

Package includes:

•    the right to start the race
•    electronic timing and results
•    live results on organiser web page
•    snacks and beverages on feed zones (minimum 2 per stage + finish)
•    professional marked route with tables and bushmarks
•    written instructions for navigation with map and attitude profile
•    GPS file for download for all stages
•    starting number for bike
•    starting number for jersey
•    identification material for racers and bikes
•    finisher T-shirt for finishers

•  professional medical service on all stages and in finish line
•  professional rescue service on all stages
•  meal after each stage
•  service areas on all stages
•  bike wash areas on all stages
•  welcome drink on Tuesday 10.04.2018.
•  stage briefing prior each stage
•  document info for participants
•  winner ceremony on 14.04.2018.

•  insurance
•  accommodation
•  transfers (ferry, buses)

In order to be on time for the start of each of the stage please find below s ferry time schedule.


Important: Race only package can be, at any time, but latest at 1st April 2018, upgraded to other packages that we are offering (Race+hotels+logistics and Race+boat+logistics) if they are still available.


You really want to have a proper physical and technical training before the race. You don’t want to bother with organization of accommodation, transfers, you just want to be carefree to really focus on the race and experiences you can gather. This PACKAGE RACE + HOTELS is exactly for you.

PACKAGE RACE + HOTELS include all mentioned services in RACE ONLY + additionally hotel accommodation and all transfers for the participants, bikes and luggage.

Package includes:

RACE ONLY + additionally:

10.04.2018. & 11. 04.2018. – 2 overnights on island Krk
12.04.2018. – 1 overnight on island Rab
13.04.2018. & 14.04.2018. – 2 overnights on island Lošinj

Hotels are 3 & 4 stars and offer is based on half-board (breakfast & dinner) in double rooms.

•    transfers for participants between all stages (includes ferries and buses and
return to the starting base after the race)
•    bike transfers between all stages
•    luggage transfers between basis
•    free parking lot in base 1 (island Krk)

•    bike depot during the whole race (in its working hours)


Isn’t it nice when a boat is taking you to a start of the race and is waiting for you at the finish line? Besides that – once you have settled yourself on the boat and have made yourself comfortable in stateroom you stay there till the end of your Mitas 4 Islands MTB stage race journey. Same bed everyday, the crew that take care of all of your equipment and needs to make it possible you enjoy to the maximum.

Package includes:

RACE ONLY + additionally:

•    5 nights, 5 half-boards (5 breakfasts and dinners) on the boat in double cabins below deck

•   includes transfers of bikes and luggage between all stages together with participants
•   transfer back to island Krk after the race (Sunday 15.04.2018).
•   all additional local transfers


RACE ONLY – upon offer bank transfer to event organiser

PACKAGE RACE + HOTELS – starting fee – bank transfer to event organizer / accommodation – through Elite travel agency (bank transfer or credit cards) / logistics – in cash on registration.

PACKAGE RACE + BOATS – starting fee – bank transfer to event organizer / the rest – through Inselhupven travel agency (bank transfer or credit cards).