Helter Skelter MTB Marathon is a treat for every serious mountain biker. It has proven this in the previous 3 editions with almost 1.000 cyclists from 12 countries who have competed in the race so far.

The first races of the season have passed, so it’s time to show the real form for 2022. The steep coast of Istria, high-level organization and traditionally strong competition guarantee a top MTB event in Rabac.

And what kind of trails await you this year, read below.


31 kilometer / 1.000 meters altitude

The race starts from the sea level. A couple of hundred meters of closed driving and then we’ll go uphill, in the next 6 km almost 400 meters altitude in one piece. The ascent is on macadam and is mostly moderate with a couple of straight “steps”, but somewhere in the middle follows the “filter”: double S bend, 20% slope. Last year, the macadam was restored so traction should not be a problem, but the trajectory line and possible jams could disrupt plans for the pedestal. The next part of the trail is ascent to Standar, followed by a long descent, this time all the way to Plomin, where the first feed zone is. After a close look at the tallest building in Croatia (340 meter high chimney of Plomin power plant), follows a long series of ascents and descents, with an emphasis on ascents. Macadam, singles, some roads, grass, dirt paths, another “water point” and the final descent on the Espresso (the most famous single trail built just for MTB enthusiasts), back to Rabac.

Feed zone is at 13,5 km, separation of the trails is at 21,2 km (be careful not to miss the trail, follow signs and people at intersections), water point is at 22,1 km.

Seemingly short, but wicked trail with all the details needed for a top racing experience in Rabac.

Helter Skelter MTB Maraton Rabac


67 kilometers / 2.075 meters altitude

This year, we have created a completely new long trail, slightly higher length, but a significant increase in altitude, so for the first time we have crossed the magical limit of 2.000 meters altitude – more precisely 2.075. The trail has been created by Pavao Roset and is the result of cycling experience, knowledge of the home terrain and conversations with last year’s participants who were looking for, among other things, an additional challenge this part of the season.

The central thought and idea of creating this trail was to enable diverse cyclists to have their own part of the trail where they can give their best in some of their “specialist” segment. So on this trail we have almost everything – long fast macadam sections (complimentary Kvarner view), steep vertical climbs, steep and technically demanding (but 100% drivable) singletrails, asphalt sections for hand rest and disc cooling, fast flow trails… everything that one signature trail should have. The trail is drivable in its full length, at least as far as the technical side is concerned. Physical condition and form are not our responsibility.

The idea was that you just don’t know where someone is gonna “jump you from the back”, because that part of the trail was just right for him. With 8 bigger and smaller ascents and, right after the top, the fast downhill race, different surfaces that require different ascent and descent techniques, this year’s Helter Skelter will be harder to win than ever.

But, Helter Skelter was never a race for alibi drivers anyway.

Feed zones are at: 13,5 & 45,5 km
Separation of trails: at 21,2 km (be careful not to miss the desired trail, follow signs and people at intersections)
Water points: 28,5 & 57,9 km

Helter Skelter MTB Maraton Rabac