Husqvarna Adria Bike Challenges 2021

There have been many inquiries and questions about whether or not there will be races in 2021. A legitimate question in the given circumstances about which no words should be wasted, but nothing is and won’t be the same as it was in 2019. And by that we don’t mean anything bad, it’s time for changes, because the only constant are changes!

So, let’s get started… Husqvarna Adria Bike Challenges will be held in 2021 as well, in its 5th season!

There are 3 races planned, in the following schedule:
08.05.2021 – Helter Skelter MTB marathon, Rabac / Istria
12.06.2021 – Island Hero MTB marathon, Rab Island
16.10.2021 – Krk ’n’ Roll MTB marathon, Baška / Krk Island

Having in mind the uncertain situation with the measures and bans, we have moved the start of the season to May, and the number of races is reduced to 3.

Two of them are already well known, Helter Skelter in Rabac and the already legendary Krk’n’Roll race on Krk Island at the very end of the season, while Island Hero, planned for the previous year as well, gets its second chance.

The “league” system and scoring is abolish for the 2021 seasson, in order to avoid complications and complaints about regularity in case of cancellation or postponement of the races. Each race is a story for itself and each one really has its own, special story to tell.

Given that, our belief is that everyone should be and must be able to feel all the beauty and charm of cycling, we are big advocates of all new technological and technical advances in the industry, such as E-bike or Gravel, that will certainly contribute to the popularization of cycling and that will make this, yours and our, sport and hobby even bigger and better.

All these changes and innovations have inspired us for a different approach in designing and creating race tracks.

Therefore, in 2021, two different tracks will be available in all Husqvarna Adria Bike Challenges races: shorter track – apart from shorter length and lesser total ascent, it will also be technically easier, while longer track will still be a real challenge in physical and technical terms. You’ll still be able to choose a track during the race.

Having in mind still active COVID-19 virus pandemic, we have updated the refund conditions for the paid entry fees. In case of cancellation of the race you’ll have an option of a full refund or possibility to transfer your entry fee to an alternative date or race. More info can be found in the Terms and Rules document

We wish you a long, successful and joyful season on bikes and see you soon!

Find out more about all Husqvarna Adria Bike Challenges 2021 races here: