Last year the trails in Baška were a HIT! Can it be even better this year? It can!

Krk is a crazy place for MTB. Beautiful views, fun singles, the moon and the stars, a little bit of technical segments, a little bit of chasing, a few roads, Baška, Dobrinj, Vrbnik….  There is everything and there is a lot of it. We spent a few days again this year exploring what else we could improve and in the end… we left everything the same as last year.
Whoever was there will have a chance to do it again. Whoever was not will have the opportunity to try the trails everybody is talking about.
Alright, first things first!

A classic. The highlight of Baška and its surroundings. Climb the moon along a beautiful rocky footpath with fantastic views of Baška and the surrounding islands. After the climb, you will ride on the surface of the moon, which in early autumn you can experience in its greatest beauty. The descent to Baška along the road and then interesting singletrails to the finish line. It’s not difficult, but it’s not completely simple either. The ascent to the moon is certainly one of the most interesting climbs in Croatia, and the ride around the moon is something you will surely never forget. Especially if the famous Adriatic bora wind blows in your back and helps you easily reach 35 km / h.

Length: 26 km / Total climb: 452 meters

After 13.5 km, it separates from EASY and continues its way towards Vrbnik. Since last year, a small remote road has turned into a wide two-lane road, but shortly after, we enter the Vrbnik field and then descend steeply towards the sea. After the sea and driving along the north side of the island, you will find a constant change of terrain and rhythm, and on the way back an interesting technical singletrail that goes up and down, a little rocky, a little earthy. Road and return to Baška through Baško polje. If you’re chasing the score, think about where you can overtake, because on the singles it’s pretty challenging.

Length: 54 km / Total climb: 1,021 meters

It separates from CLASSIC at 28.5 km and makes an additional circle, all the way to Dobrinj, which also has a feed zone. By the way, right across the feed zone are probably the best stew pots you can eat on Krk, so if you are not in the hurry to reach the time limit (7 hours), this is the place for you. Behind Dobrinj you will find an attractive trail full of forest roads passing through yards, meeting sheep and pheasants along the way to the finish line in Baška, where you will be greeted by fans.

Length: 71 km / Total climb: 1,324 meters

The GPS files will be send to all the participants the day before the race, and the trails are accurately and well marked, as with all Husqvarna Adria Bike Series races. In the race there are 3 feed zones arranged along the trails + a feed zone in the finish line.

Show must go on!
See you 12.10. in Baska