The first two editions of the Rab Island Hero MTB marathon left the participants breathless. Not only they were amazed by the beauty and diversity of the island, what makes this race unique, but they were also delighted by the entire cycling experience that Rab Island offers. Who already participated – returns each season because knows that Rab will delight everyone all over again; who hasn’t been yet – it’s time to discover the Rab Island at it’s best.

Rab Island, although relatively small sized, offers a fantastic network of trails, singletrails & cycling pleasure, and the special feature of this race is that hidden trails and paths were incorporated into the race courses by people living on the island, members of the cycling club BK Mag from Rab, under the mentorship of Pavao Roset and Adria Bike organization.

RAB ISLAND HERO MTB Marathon once again offers two experiences – the short course is HERO 40, and the “full experience” of the Rab Island is provided on HERO 70 course. The courses separation point is at 36,7 kilometers distance from the start, so you can decide then whether to continue to the finish line or continue to discover the best of the Rab Island.


41,6 kilometers / 690 meters altitude

Rab Island Hero 2023

The race starts in the center of the city of Rab. The first few hundred meters we’ll ride in a closed start and just before the first ascent – the race begins. The courses on Rab Island has a lot of narrow sections, where overtaking will not be the easiest task, so you’ll have the first 15% ascent just 800 meters after the start. For the next 3 kilometers we’ll ride along a panoramic road, a combination of narrow asphalt and macadam, and then we’ll turn onto the first of several dozen interesting singletrails and we’ll descend towards the south side of the island.

At approximately 7th kilometer we’ll start a beautiful singletrail by the sea, which ends with a short but steep technical climb, where only the best will stay on the pedals. Then follows a kilometer of chasing at gravel, and then we’ll enter a labyrinth of technically simple singletrails that will allow us a high speed average and smiling from ear to ear. Combination of singles, macadam, some road and again paths and lanes for the next almost 20 kilometers takes you through two protected natural areas – Dundo Forest and Kalifront. Amazing nature will surround you all the time while riding in the woods and by the sea.

The last quarter of the short route offers two more ascents and then returns to the city of Rab. The courses separate at 36,7 kilometers from start line precisely – the right one goes back to the city of Rab & finish line, and the left one is HERO 70. Just before the courses separation point, there is a short technical singletrail uphill, extremely narrow, so expect a possible jam – but all together is approximately 25 meters long. The last 4 kilometers are a panoramic ride, suitable for sightseeing or high speed riding and chasing the best possible position and time, depending on preferences.


69,6 kilometers / 1.300 meters altitude

Rab Island Hero 2023

This course shares the first 36,7 kilometers with the shorter course described above, so we will not repeat that part. What would be useful to note within these first 36,7 kilometers is that the course is extremely diverse, there are many small ascents and descents and narrow sections where traffic can slow down the speed of physically and technically better and more ambitious cyclists. Keep that in mind if you came for the result, but keep in mind that your competitors are in the same position.

The first 3,5 kilometers of the course offers the opportunity to seize a good position because it has a 400 meter long 15% “filter” climb and then a wide panoramic road. The first 36 kilometers do not have too heavy technical parts, but there are a lot of singletrails that can be driven quite fast and a few “slowers” where will certainly be more or less jams. Just before the courses separation point, there’s a short technical singletrail climb where you can also expect some jam.

After the courses separation, the long course shows all the splendor and diversity of Rab Island. We’ll climb towards Fruga and with a series of fast macadams, flat singles and wide meadows, we’ll descend towards Lopar along a steep and scattered fire path. In Lopar area, for the next 10 kilometers, a different surface awaits you – mostly sand and soil, and again a bunch of singles, narrow and technically undemanding, but fun. Lopar part of course ends by riding along the most famous beach in Rab, followed by an ascent, and then 5 km long descent along Premužić Trail. A singletrail which was built almost 90 years ago – priceless! The final 7 km is a fast and wide macadam road and descent to the finish line in the city of Rab.

Feed zones are at 21 km and 45 km, two additional water points are at 36 km and 58 km, plus feed zone in the finish line area.

Whatever you choose, whatever the motive of your ride is, you will enjoy – there’s no doubt about it.
Rab Island Hero. Just for one day.