Routes of Fužine 2 Sea 2018 – refreshed and improved!

According to your feedback, you’ve been more than delighted with Fužine 2 Sea routes so far. Most of your praises went for the longest route of the race – the one coming all the way down to the seaside. No matter the physical and technical demands of the route, nor the deceptive weather conditions, riders who chose to ride Epic route of Fužine 2 Sea felt well rewarded for making that choice.

But, there is always space for improvement though, so we spent few hot summer days looking out for even more interesting routes to refresh Fužine 2 Sea 2018 edition.

And we found what we were looking for!

Classic route of Fužine 2 Sea (F2S 50) will bear most of the changes in 2018. Riders of Classic route will get a chance to enjoy single-track that was reserved only for Epic route in previous editions of the race. Classic route will join Epic single-track somewhere at the half of it, at the place where single-track runs through attractive line of viewpoints called The Eyes of Vinodol. All in all, Classic route is now 57 kilometres long with 1.300 metres of climbing.

Epic route is slightly shorter this year because we kicked boring macadam apsents out of the game and replaced them with some interesting uphill single-tracks. This changes will strengthen the reputation of F2S 80 as the Queen stage of Husqvarna Adria Bike Series in general, making it demanding and attractive enough for anyone who considers mountain-biking to be more than just a hoby. In total, Epic route (F2S 80) will be 78 kilometres long with 2.090 metres of climbing. But, before reaching the seaside, riders will face the climb of 800 metres in a single push.

Easy route (F2S 30) will pretty much stay the same. It is a bit longer this year – 35 kilometres with 680 metres climbing. Just a perfect measure to finish the race and gather in a finish line to greet Epic and Classic heroes of the day.

Check the elevation profiles below, but feel free to choose your route in the face of the place, while riding.

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