Along with the fourth year of the Fužine 2 Sea race comes the fourth “generation” of trails, which we can now truly claim to be the best and the most attractive so far.
We took into account some of your post-race comments and we implemented those that seemed logical and achievable in this year’s edition.
We left the things you praised  and didn’t criticise as they were, so this year’s trails cannot be called brand new. They are rather the existing ones with a ”facelift”. And since last year’s trails in Fužine got your best rating out of all the races we’ve done so far, a high 8.57 on a scale of 10, a simple “facelift” is all they needed.

As it is already a tradition, all three trails start from the dam of the lake and in the first few kilometres they pass through the beautiful landscape of Fužine along the lake. The first gentle climb takes you into the woods, where you will be surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery. The track is a combination of high-speed macadam and shorter asphalt sections. After crossing the railway, a slightly more serious and technically demanding climb begins, followed by a fast macadam descent, which is partly quite “perforated” by gullies.
In the village of Lič there is a feed zone for the Easy trail, after which you enter the forest, where the real fun on two wheels begins – a forest riddled with singles, sharp turns, grooves, creeks and short, breath-taking climbs. Fun, but not technically demanding, if it doesn’t get wet, and we hope it won’t this time!

Length: 30 km / Total ascent: 500 meters

A true classic. Probably the most beautiful trail you can ride. It starts at the lake and continues through the glades and forests, valleys and meadows to the first hill of the Classic. Then a sharp, partly technical climb and a quick descent into the valley. At the 22nd kilometre, the second ascent begins. However, the 10% climb is on the asphalt and in the shade. A short drive through the woods and a technical descent of 2 km. A group of lookouts across Kvarner called “The Eyes of Vinodol” are sure to “highlight” the entire route. Unless you are trying to improve your time or result, here is a place to contemplate on the meaning of life. The pastoral grassland you are surrounded by is calling exactly for that.
The return is a mix of ascents and descents, asphalt and gravel. On the descent to Lič, you will see that sometimes asphalt can be quite challenging and technically entertaining. Just before the finish line, there are a few more singles in the forest.
What a beautiful trail!

Length: 51 km / Total climb 1,060 meters

The race was named after that descent to the seashore and then the ascent back. The first 29 kilometres go along with the Classic trail, and after a 2 km long technical descent the roads split. The Epic continues further along a single, through the forest and some gravel, and then comes another descent to the seashore. A long technical “singletrail” to remember. When you descend from Gorski Kotar you will find another hill where we found new uphill and downhill singles for this edition and tried to avoid the road wherever we could. The climb back to the mountains is also something to remember. A 15% ascent and sometimes even a few degrees higher. Another thing that will surely make an impression is a change of climate during the race. From 15 degrees at the start to often around 35 during the ascent. A serious challenge for all those who consider themselves full-fledged cyclists.

Length: 72 km / Total climb 1,880 meters

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