What’s New in Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2018

We got all your inputs and insights, and gave our best to implement most of them into making of Husqvarna Adria Bike series 2018. The following are the results of that effort.

The first and most important thing are the routes. Some of the races will stage a brand new routes, some will stay the same because you told us so, while others will be slightely updated solving the problems occurring in previous years.

Second, all the races will be staged in Sathurday, not Sunday, in order to provide enough time for racers to relax, rest and enjoy. It should eliminate the pressure of a working Monday following the race. It was a hard deciosion to be made, but surveys showed 80% of the racers would prefer Suthurday race over Sunday.

Third, choosing the route. In 2018 racers will choose the route while riding. Shall it be Epic, Classic or Easy route, it will be a decision made in the face of the place. Again, like the most of the racers, we also believe this concept will raise the dynamic of races and lower the pressure on racers. This way recourse are free to estimate their own power and performance.

But, choosing the route while riding imposes the unique pricing system for all routes. In previous years, each route had a special pricing – 150, 200 or 250 kunas for Easy, Classic or Epic – this year one price – 200 kunas – goes for all routes. If by chance you feel like riding the Epic route, nothing is standing in your way to do so.

Further, an extra effort is addressed to a photo section. Regarding the length of the routes at the MTB marathon races, photo section always faces a complex job to catch all the racers in their best performance. In 2018 Series will be covered with as many photographers as needed for every racer to get the photo they deserve. So, take care of your outfit and smile for the camera.

For any questions that might occur we are here to answer them: