A MTB stage race is probably the best experience a serious MTB rider can have in this wonderful sport. Although at first it may seem that the MTB stage race is simply the sum of several one-day races, the experience of participating in such a race is a completely different level of competition, feeling and passion.

First of all, racing at a MTB stage race is a serious challenge for any MTB rider.

Let’s start with one by one. Trails. Demanding terrain and long stages often come in combination. That’s why at the race you can expect the following: technically demanding sections, steep ascents and descents, river crossings, driving through dense forests, swampy terrains or rocky areas. But you will also come across narrow sleepy trails and winding paths. You will pass through hidden settlements and discover some special places and locations.

This is where we come to the next. Locations.
MTB stage races are almost always held in beautiful locations, very often popular tourist destinations, and there is almost no better way than to really experience the spirit of the place and its people as through a MTB stage race. You and your partner will take a look up for a moment, and see what you have been seeing on postcards and tourist portals for years.

Now that we have mentioned you and your partner, another important special feature of the MTB stage race is the competition in pairs, as in the case of the Istria MTB stage race. This creates an additional dimension to the whole experience of going to and participating in a stage race: from planning and training together before the race to creating a balance between worrying about your own result and supporting your teammate. Team dynamics is probably one of the key elements in the performance and the result achieved in the race is the result of teamwork. A joint performance strengthens the friendships, connections and relationships of team members and will surely remain one of the most memorable life experiences.

A particularly interesting segment in stage races is the tactics within the teams. A multi-day competition in itself gives more opportunities to develop tactics. Each stage is both physically and technically different, and strategy is needed both for individual stages and for the entire race.

A new feature at the Istria MTB stage race are the segments around the feed zone, where time is not measured and where the competitors have some time off to rest and exchange a few words with their partner, rival or companions. Maybe agree on a new tactic.

What anyone who has participated in a MTB stage race at least once will tell you, is the unique atmosphere at such events. Participants share a common love for cycling, racing and adventure. There competitors regularly exchange tips, help each other and celebrate success together. Competitors from all over the world participate in stage races, and meeting similar-minded people from all over the world gives an additional dimension.

Finally, but not less important, the MTB stage race is a combination of love for bicycle, racing and discovering new destinations. So maybe one family member is a passionate MTB rider who will find his affinities in the race itself, while other family members or friends will explore Istria up and down, and experience the local culture, gastronomy and wonderful views of Istria.

Istria MTB stage race dates are this autumn, from September 21st to 23rd 2023., at a time when the days are still warm, but not too warm. At the time when the swimming season is still in full swing, at the time when the colors are the most colorful and the smells are the most intense. At the time of grape harvest season.

Istria is always a good idea.

The MTB stage race in Istria is a race that will not be missed by anyone whose passion is MTB.

See you there!