The favorite MTB marathon at the end of the season and the island that offers everything you need for a top MTB experience are a winning combination for the seventh season in a row – the Krk ‘n’ Roll MTB Marathon is simply something that shall not be missed!

During the past 6 seasons, we explored numerous trails, paths and routes, and the 7th edition of the Krk ‘n’ Roll MTB Marathon brings “the best of” what Krk has to offer.

Krk Island is a top location for mountain biking, and the trails of the Krk ‘n’ Roll MTB Marathon are probably the best MTB experience you can get on this beautiful island. Fun singles, stunning views of the sea, coast and surrounding islands, moon and stars, slightly technical, slightly chase, slightly road, Baska, Dobrinj, Vrbnik – slightly everything and a lot of it.

Whoever was here and rode this race – has the opportunity to test his/her strength once again on the best trails of the Krk island. Whoever wasn’t, will have the opportunity to ride and experience what is being talked about on October 14th, 2023.

Let’s go one by one:


The two kilometers long pebble beach is a trademark of Baska. It’s logical that taking a shorter trail will take less time, so cyclists who choose this trail will end up at the beach sooner. Hence the name of the trail, and it happens to be called the same as one of the legendary California rock bands.
The start and the first 7-8 kilometers are kind of classic, and one of the most famous trails not only at Krk Island, but much wider. Climb to the Moon along a beautiful rocky path, with fantastic views of Baska and the surrounding islands. After the ascent, you’ll enjoy the ride on the Moon, which in early autumn shows all its beauty.
The technically undemanding paved descent will take you back to the valley and then the trail turns to the fields. Over field paths, dirt roads and by driving between the dry stone walls, we will return to Baska. Beer and beach within arm’s reach.

60% off road / 40% asphalt

Krk'n'Roll 2023 staza


The medium-lenght trail separates from the short one at 13.5 km and heads towards Vrbnik, passes through Vrbnik Field and then goes back through a bunch of single trails and field paths. The rock and the dirt paths are constantly alternating, there are no big uphills or downhills before a long and constant ascent towards the feed zone begins. After the feed zone, a well-known single trail awaits you. It doesn’t offer much space for overtaking, but offers a lot of space for those with technical knowledge and physical strength to escape or connect.
The last part of the trail is a chase along the road, undemanding field paths and singles, all the way to the finish line.

75% off road / 25% asphalt

KRK N ROLL - ROLLING STONES - srednja staza


In the Vrbnik Field, at 24th kilometer of the trail, The Queen trail separates from the medium-lenght trail and descends steeply towards the sea. In the next 15 kilometers, almost 500 meters of ascent awaits you, including the one with a constant slope of over 10%. The second feed zone is in Dobrinj. The reconnection with the Rolling Stoners is at 49th kilometer and here you can count the trail will be crowded. After crossing the road, there is a 3 km ascent on a wide macadam path, so if you are chasing a medal, try to overtake here, because after the feed zone singles starts again.
The last part of the trail is a paved descent and a chase through the fields, all the way to Baska.
The Queen trail will be a challenge for all serious MTB riders and all of those who feel that way.

74% off road / 26% asphalt

KRK N ROLL - QUEEN - duga staza