Krk is a phenomenal place for mountain biking. And not just for that.

Krk is a crazy place for MTB. Beautiful views, fun single trails, the moon and the stars, a little bit of technical parts, a little bit of chasing, a little bit of road, Baška, Dobrinj, Vrbnik… Everything and a lot of it. We spent a few days on Krk to put together the most attractive trails, because in previous years the ladder was raised high. Given the overall situation, we decided to put quality ahead of quantity, so we packed all the best from last year’s three trails into two really attractive beauties.

The trails are made in the form of the number 8, and at the intersection is a feed zone through which both trails pass. The track you will ride can also be chosen during the race itself, at the intersection where the feed zone is, regardless of which track you initially registered for. As always, everything will be clear and well marked on the trail.
The two new tracks are no longer called Easy or Classic or Epic, but we have given them new names according to the name of the race.


The two kilometers long pebble beach is a trademark of Baška. It is logical that a shorter route will take less time, so competitors who choose this route will end up on the beach sooner. Hence the name of the track, and it happens to be the same as the name of the cult rock band from California.

The start and the first 7-8 kilometers are already a classic ride and one of the most famous trails much wider than the island of Krk. Climb to the moon along a beautiful rocky footpath with fantastic views of Baška and the surrounding islands. After the ascent, a ride on the moon is waiting for you, which in early autumn shows all its beauty. At the first feed zone, the tracks are separated and the shorter route starts in a challenging 3 km long singletrail, which we have cleaned just for you and for this race as well.

After the singles, a couple of kilometers of fast descent on the road and then it is time for the forrest and some more singles. After driving beside dry stone walls, we return to Baška. Don’t be fooled by the mileage and climb numbers, this is a real treat compressed into a relatively small package.

31.9 km / 613 meters of ascent / 21% single-trail / 54% gravel / 25% asphalt


The longer trail is an additional lap to the shorter trail and the first 18 kilometers to the first feed zone both trails share the same route. After the feed zone, THE ROLLING STONES heads towards Vrbnik, where the real MTB paradise begins. A bunch of singletrails, macadam, field roads, steep climbs on technically challenging terrain and some fast descents on asphalt. One word: dynamic. The only time you will get some rest is on the asphalt or the beautiful macadam, the ascents and the field paths through the forests of the island of Krk. The trail then runs all the way to Dobrinj, where there is also a feed zone. By the way, right across the feed zone are probably the best šurlice with goulash that you can eat on Krk, so if you are not in a hurry and you are only are planning to reach the time limit (7 hours), this is the place for you. After Dobrinj (regardless of whether you stopped for some šurlice or not), there is a bit of asphalt waiting for you to start and then continue rolling and squeezing on singles, roads, as you encounter sheep and pheasants, pass through yards and barking dogs, until you reunite with the shorter trail. But that’s not the end, again a demanding and attractive single, then a bit of a chasing on the road and then through the fields to the finish line.

A challenge worthy of the name and reputation of the race in a completely different season.

63.2 km / 1,351 meters of ascent / 20% single-trail / 53% gravel / 27% asphalt

GPS files will be sent to all participants the day before the race, and the tracks, as in all races organized by Adria Bike, are precisely and well marked. There is one feed zone on the shorter track, and 3 on the longer, + one at the finish line.