The Helter Skelter MTB marathon is in just a few days. This beautiful marathon in Rabac will have the ungrateful role of the “guinea pig”, as it will “break the ice” in the new conditions caused by everything that has been happening around us in recent months.
But life goes on, and so do the races. In some new, weird and interesting way, that we’re not used to yet.

Restrictions and recommendations placed before the organizers of sports events largely require new formats, new ways of communication, interaction and the entire organization in general. Fortunately, cycling, as (still) an individual sport, is less damaged here than team and contact sports.

The guiding idea in organizing this event was to satisfy two, at first glance very opposite, parameters and at the same time find the right balance between them:

– not to disturb the purpose of the race and the race itself
– comply with all recommendations and measures concerning the prevention of the spread of COVID virus

Below is the schedule of the event. We ask all participants to adhere to the schedule as delays on any grounds will not be tolerated.

Friday, 26.06.2020.

18:00 – 22:00 Info and registration for all trails and categories (hotel Sanfior)

Saturday,  27.06.2020.

Location of the Race village, start and finish: Lanterna

07:00 – 09:00 Registration for all trails and categories (hotel Sanfior)

08:00 – 18:00 Bike Expo & Race village

09:15 – Start of the E-bike race

09:30 – Start of the MEN category 2 laps / BLUE POINT

09:45 – Start of the MEN category 1 lap / GREEN POINT

10:00 – Start of the MEN MASTER category / RED POINT

10:15 – Start of the MEN GRAND MASTER category / ORANGE POINT

10:15 – Start of the WOMEN category / PURPLE POINT

12:00 – 18:00 – Free lunch for all participants

15:00 – Awards Ceremony for the winners

17:00 – Time limit and the official finish of the race

The entire event will be in line with the recommendations and measures of the Croatian Institute for Public Health and the Civil Protection Headquarters. Participants are asked to keep a physical distance of at least 1.5 meters, and to maintain hand hygiene. The organizer has provided a sufficient number of disinfectants at all locations where it is necessary.

We also ask all participants to behave responsibly and not to endanger their health as well as the health of other participants.

See you soon in Rabac!