Somersby Ladies only MTB camp has finished

In a cooperation with hotel Zvonimir, which is a holder of Adria Bike Hotel license, we have organized a female MTB camp, only for Ladies. Experiences from the camp you can read in the text below.

When my friend two months ago shared an announcement of Adria Bike MTB camp for ladies only, I have decided immidiately we should participate on it. Island Krk and Baška are not far away, it supposed to be a great weather so we can use it for swimming, but the best idea was this great bike event for ladies only!

A month passed away in a second. It is Friday, we left our office earlier, and we were already in our car, on a motorway (with our 2 bikes). We listened the radio (Jovanotti played), we talked during the whole tirp, and we were so excited that we forgot to buy a water and food.

After 1 and half hour we were already in a hotel. 4* hotel, double room, my best friend and two bikes – everything I needed for the great weekend. At 18:30 there was organised a meeting of all participants of this Camp. Mia Radotić, profi biker, was the head of this event. She gave us a plan for next two days and after that we went to have a coffee. After coffee was a dinner time, and time for a glass of wine.

Our day started at 7 AM, because it was a time for Yoga. I was not happiest because I had to get up at 7 AM. Breakfast bathed with the sun, oh, it was really perfect. We used this time so we can meet another girls, and mostly all of them had a similar story as we: two best freind decided to spend a great weekend on the bike. It sounds really great, isn’t it? We started with a polygon, it looks simply but a little scary: pallets, boards, bandages, barriers, simulation of all situation you can expected in the field. Mia patiently explained everything, till the simplest details. We practiced how to stop the bike without foot and after that start again. We also practieced why internal leg should be up, how to set up a knee, and then it was time to pracite a climbing to the curb. Yes, that is a situation when I stop before the sidewalk and then usually some down of the bike. My friend tried to tech me this, my boyfrend also, even my 2 ex boyfriends as well as the cute one I wanted to be my boyfriend.. In themeantime, I gave up of this idea. But, Mia thought me how to do it. In just 15 minutes! I spend next 45 minutes running all over the polygon thrilled how it is actually simple!

After polygon, it was time for ride to Vrbnik. After the initialdriving through the field, we came till the mud and gave our impeccable outfit a dose of adventure. The whole group was in really great mood, the sun shines mercilessly and a great climb waited for us, and finally we came to Vrbnik. Deserved break and bottle of Žlahtina. Maybe a little too much of wine since we were part of a sport event. The evening was reserved for Somersby party. We were all pretty tired up, but it was great evening with Somersby which as our sponsor prepared this suprise party for us. It was really a great day! Second day we slept a little longer, so our Yoga class started at 8 AM. It was great how we agreed all together to move this class for a hour. After the class, it was time for bike ride. We started with a climb. It was really difficult, but great view on Baška and surrounding islands was fantastic. I can say it is one of the reasons why I love to ride a bike. I adore it. For Mia, it was recreation, she was a great support, she gave us advice how to breathe and how to overcome a crisis. We came to the top – Moonscape. No wonder it has this name when there is no tree and no plants. Just a stone. Crude but beautiful nature. And then we had a female torque. Photosession where we should not have feet on the ground and we should get each other for shoulders. It took 10 minutes to set up for the photo. It required concentration, involvement and coopration. We screamed. It was really hot under this sun: come on, take this picture… After that, it was easier. We rushed through the gravel roads with gorgeus view of the coast and surrounding islands. Downhill and scattered field at the end took two victims (we had two falls) but without serioua consequences, only few scratches as a prvoe that we were a part of first ladies camp.

Our way back home was really short and soon it was Monday and time to get bac in the office. Adria Bike team uploaded photos on the Social Network so we started a virtual continuation of this camp. It was short camp, but really great. The whole idea is fantastic and to be honest, I can not wait to repeat it. The organisation was on top, customized to every perosn which knows to ride a bike. Company, accommodation and location – everything was perfect! And Mia? She is great! In 2 says she showed us how to ride a bike and she get our confidence. I can not wait my next bike ride!