Helter Skelter is not a race for everyone who rides a bike. It’s not a race for those who like long balanced rides with easy climbs and easy descents while the wind blows trough their hair. It is not for those who consider the paved macadam to be mountain biking. It’s not a race after which you’ll still be convinced that your supercool single speed rigid bike can actually do everything a full-suspension bike can. Because it just can’t. Helter Skelter is not a race in which mileage and altitude numbers mean everything. Helter Skelter is not a race in which the one who “beats” the most watts on the pedals will win. Not even the one who is a fantastic technician and hardly uses the brakes on the downhill will win. Helter Skelter demands physical strength, ascent and descent technique, a top-notch bike, a cool head and a hot heart. Helter skelter race is where you will realize how much you love MTB.

The format of the race is a MTB multi lap marathon, and competitors choose whether they want to ride one or two laps. No compromise, best of MTB, best of Rabac. An enchanting and vicious circle with a length of 31.5 km and 930 meters altitude, 75% off road, 50% trails.

Expect probably the most attractive 31.5km you’ve ever driven. The race starts from sea level. The chirping of birds, the smell of lavender, the sound of waves. Rabac is on the sea, and the eastern coast of Istria is steep and a bit wild, so after 300 meters we go uphill. After some short and steep asphalt it is time for a wide macadam road. In the next 6 kilometers you will climb almost 400 meters. The ascent is moderate and has several flat parts, but in the middle there is the “filter”: a double S-shaped turn, a slope of 15%, a deep and loose gravel and the first test of technical skill and physical strength. Although the “filter” is wide enough, choosing the right path will be an important factor in gaining or wasting time on this part. After the filter, the ascent is easier and for those who manage to look around, beautiful views of Rijeka and Cres open up. A little break and some asphalt and then on the trail. The first trail of the race is neither steep nor technically difficult, but it is narrow and the next 3 km you will not be able to overtake until the ascent to Standar, which is the highest peak on the track at an altitude of 461 meters above sea level. The views from the Standard are breathtaking but you will already be out of breath here anyway. The next 6 km are downhill. Singles, double tracks, a bit of macadam and then some singles again. Well-trodden stones, earth, stone slabs, gravel. Frequent changes of ground and rhythm will require full concentration. Pleasure guaranteed. For those who consider themselves mountain bikers. Those who are not will realize this very soon.

The second part of the trail begins with a slight ascent on fine macadam which turns into asphalt which then turns back into trails. After the ascent to the water tower, we descend again with singles before the last ascent which has a few steeper sections of over 10%, but all on asphalt. The ending is spectacular – 3 km of the Espresso trail which has become a trademark of the Bike Park in Rabac. What an end! But only for those who drive 1 lap. Those with strong legs, lungs and heads go to the right and do another round. The best of – twice.

There is 1 feed zone + 2 water points + a feed zone at the finish. The time is measured electronicly on 4 control points.