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Preparations for Mitas 4 Islands MTB Stage Race are in full swing now! Just a paddle away till the racing fever takes us over the seas!
This time, our little race will also be presented in written. We produced a booklet special with all the details concerning Mitas 4 Islands 2017 in it. Besides charming photos from our official photographers and couple of bad jokes, the booklet also contains serious stuff like: logistic info, daily race routine, brief descriptions stage by stage, elevation profiles, accommodation and luggage support.
It is meant to successfully guide you through the whole event with all necessary data in one place. The booklet will be included in every racer’s starter package and available for download at Adria Bike web site.
Of course, to bring all the uplifting energy, motivation and enthusiasm on a piece of paper is a mission nearly impossible. There are some things you have to experience live on show. So, let’s leave smiling faces and ticking hearts to meet in person.
Farewell and may the islands guard us on this journey!

Click on the picture for download.