The honor of opening the Husqvarna Adria Bike Series 2019 goes to a brand new race on our calendar – Helter Skelter MTB Marathon, Rabac, April 27th 2019.

Like all races within the Series, Helter Skelter also offers 3 routes of varying lengths. Competitors are not obliged to enounce which route will they ride, but are free to choose the route while racing.

After we thorough scanned a terrain, we can freely say this is going to be the most attractive MTB race we have been into so far. Routes could be described as interesting, demanding, challenging, but rideable and most of all – brutally attractive.

Whatever route you choose to ride, an amazing number of singles is waiting for you, poles, attractive views, all kinds of surfaces – from scattered stones to dirt and some mud. In the end, you will appreciate short sections of asphalt and macadam.

More than 50% of Epic and Classic are single-trails!

EASY (Renamed to NOT SO EASY)

Rabac is a coastal town. To experience full MTB action, you have to climb up to the hills. After a long and steep ascend following the asphalt road (trust us – as the beginning of race, this is the fastest and the most painless way to reach the “playground”), a short single-track uphill awaits. For those of weaker fitness, this will be a period of scorn, but what follows will momentarily make you forget all the pain – a combination of a long, fast, interesting, but not too demanding single-tracks, some macadams, and then single-tracks again; then up and down and inside out, then the village, a house, a field, and then the final single-track back to Rabac where the is route ending in MTB skill park. A true MTB in a small format.

And you know that poison is kept in small doses.

Length: 28 km / Climbing: 700 m / Asphalt: 19% / Macadam: 36% / Trail: 45%


Masterpiece. You won’t be able to stop smiling after you pass the finish line.

First part is the same as EASY – steep, long climb following the asphalt road, then a short course of technical single-track climbing  and then finally the Helter Skelter begins: a combination of a long single-track downhill takes you to Labin. There the trail turns into a forest and through a variety of mountain-forest roads, then again a bit up and slightly down to the sea level where a 5 kilometers straight single-track bends along the seashore. And then jungle. There will be some bananas at the feed zones. Then the coast becomes steeper and the race speeds up leaving you with hardly any time to have a drink of water or somethng. Downhill to Rabac is fast for those who know and those who can and the final part of the route running through MTB skill park is an opportunity to show off a little bit. Show the crowd what you’re really good at.

Length:46 km / Climbing: 1.240 m / Asphalt: 26% / Macadam 18% / Trail 56%


This one is shorter than the Epic route of Fužine 2 Sea race, with few meters of climbing less too, but we seriously doubt that anyone will end this route under 3,5 hours of riding.

Route begins the same as others. So again, first test for competitors is a steep asphalt ascent followed by technical single-track with no side-space for passing. After conquering that climb, 60 minutes of a pure MTB action and diverse terrain awaits for you – uphills and downhills exchanging fast, tachnical parts mixing up with freestyle parts, the only thing missing are rest parts. Any lack of focus will momentarily be sactioned with loosing a position. There are 3 feed zones + a water zone + a feed zone at the finish line. Final part of the route runs through MTB skill park where delighted crowd cheers in loud, unleashed manner making you blush at the end.

Lenght: 66 km / Climbing: 1.750 m / Asphalt: 18% / Macadam 27% / Trail: 55%

Apply for the race HERE.

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